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"Skinbased ski",  "Sliding Snowshoe", "Ski Raquette" for Kids. Brand new product for Juniors who want to enjoy the snow at their back country.

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A skin based ski, specially designed for the most demanding user group – kids. We made it very light and easy to handle, still being a proper skin based ski with all the same functionality as its bigger brothers.   POH is a go everywhere ski for the children. We have received many requests of our skis scaled to children’s size. Now the smaller ones in the family are able to have thesame fun experience as the adults, without losing any functions. POH features our braidbox construction and its mohair-mix skin is recessed to the Unicoat ski base. We recommend the POH for users from five years of age and up. It is also a very easy ski to learn on, as the skin provides a good grip and the ski is very light and stable. The ski oats well in all snow conditions and due to its dimensions it is very easy to handle. For the most avid skiers POH allows easy turns on fresh snow. The construction allows you to mount any binding to the ski, but POH works best with our EA Kid universal binding. Together with these great bindings children are able to use their warm winter boots or hiking shoes for skiing and work well for years.


OAC Braid box construction  

Compression resistant elastic foam core  

OAC Unicoat skibase  

Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin  

ALU/ GF reinforcement at binding area  

Weight 900g/pair w/o binding  

Width 98-80-82mm  

Made in Finland by OAC Tech

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