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SCTTT Titanium binding The KREUZSPITZE RACE binding from the aggressive black livery

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SCTTT Titanium binding The KREUZSPITZE RACE binding from the aggressive black livery, Ttoe with closing in on two levels with titanium spring, heel Trofeo model with U spring in titanium. This attack was designed and built specifically for athletes who use and appreciate the lightness, extreme reliability and maximum speed of coupling and uncoupling, essential skills in the tough and selective skialp competitions. Made from solid ergal and titanium using CNC machines, to ensure quality and a modern and functional design.


Levering 1.09.2017


Ergal components, polymer and titanium

Obtained by machining by chip removal Weight of half pair 124gr

Automatic closing of the toe with the pressure of the boot

Quick opening toe with manual pressure front lever

Location up and down movements manually selectable

Two closing levels of the toe, the first for new boot and the second for worn

Drilling toe compatible with Dynafit Toe base with provision to support rampant/brakes (Optional)

Heel hook at the touch of the boot heel

Aluminium cover for up/down mode selection

Centre distance of heel holes 20,5 mm x 25 mm (transversal x longitudinal)

Rotation of 360 ° tips with click stop every 90 °

It allows walking on level ground by rotating the turret 90 °

Does not comply with the DIN and the release values

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